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[AutoML] (ngrammer)

Find and replace ngrams in a body of text, based on
Wiktionary N-Grams. Whilst at it, the ngrammer
also tokenizes and removes stop words (unless they
occur within an n-gram)

import os
import boto3
from nesta.packages.nlp_utils.ngrammer import Ngrammer
from nesta.core.luigihacks.s3 import parse_s3_path
import json

[docs]def run(): # Extract environmental variables s3_path_in = os.environ['BATCHPAR_s3_path_in'] first_index = int(os.environ['BATCHPAR_first_index']) last_index = int(os.environ['BATCHPAR_last_index']) # Load the chunk s3 = boto3.resource('s3') s3_obj_in = s3.Object(*parse_s3_path(s3_path_in)) data = json.load(s3_obj_in.get()['Body']) # Extract ngrams ngrammer = Ngrammer(config_filepath="mysqldb.config", database="production") processed = [] for i, row in enumerate(data[first_index: last_index]): new_row = {k: ngrammer.process_document(v) if type(v) is str and len(v) > 50 else v for k, v in row.items()} processed.append(new_row) # Mark the task as done and save the data if "BATCHPAR_outinfo" in os.environ: s3_path_out = os.environ["BATCHPAR_outinfo"] s3 = boto3.resource('s3') s3_obj = s3.Object(*parse_s3_path(s3_path_out)) s3_obj.put(Body=json.dumps(processed))
if __name__ == "__main__": # Local testing if "BATCHPAR_outinfo" not in os.environ: os.environ["BATCHPAR_s3_path_in"] = ("s3://nesta-arxlive/" "raw-inputs/2019-06-18/" "data.0-True.json") os.environ["BATCHPAR_last_index"] = "-1" os.environ["BATCHPAR_first_index"] = "0" os.environ["BATCHPAR_S3FILE_TIMESTAMP"] = ("run-1560876797" "") os.environ['BATCHPAR_s3_path_in'] = ("s3://clio-data/gtr/" "VECTORIZER.binary_True." "min_df_0-001.NGRAM.TEST_" "True-0_2000.json") run()