CORDIS (EU-funded research) (cordis_api)

Transfer data on organisations, projects and outputs from the Cordis API on a project-by-project basis.

extract_core_orgs(orgs, project_rcn)[source]

Seperate a project-organisation (which) is likely to be a department, with a non-unique address.

  • orgs (list) – List of organiations to process (NB: this will be modified)
  • project_rcn (str) – The record number of this project

The unique ‘parent’ organisations.

Return type:

core_orgs (list)

prepare_data(items, rcn)[source]

Append the project code (‘RCN’) to each “row” (dict) of data (list)

Generate link table items for each item (dict) in items (list) for the project