Meetup (social networking / knowledge exchange)

NB: The meetup pipeline will not work until this issue has been resolved.

Batchables for the Meetup data collection pipeline. As documented under packages and routines, the pipeline is executed in the following order (documentation for the files is given below, which isn’t super-informative. You’re better off looking under packages and routines).

The topic_tag_elasticsearch module is responsible for piping data to elasticsearch, as well as apply topic tags and filtering small groups out of the data. (country_groups)

Batchable for expanding from countries to groups

run()[source] (groups_members)

Batchable for expanding group members

run()[source] (members_groups)

Batchable for expanding from members to groups.

run()[source] (group_details)

Batchable for expanding group details

run()[source] (topic_tag_elasticsearch)

Batchable for piping data to Elasticsearch, whilst implementing topic tags, and filtering groups with too few members (given by the 10th percentile of group size, to avoid “junk” groups).